What is a Network Partner?


TCCC has formed Collaborative Networks comprised of Network Partners focused on improving outcomes for key content areas.  Network Partners agree to support Collaborative Networks through the following:

  • Commit to making progress for all children affected by the indicator
  • Participate in the Tri-county Region Improvement Process (TRIP!) with a focus on data driven decision-making.
  • Dedicate efforts to address the achievement gap and advance equity with a specific focus on racial and ethnic disparities.
  • Participate in outreach activities to ensure that the right stakeholders are involved, and that communities most impacted by the problems addressed by the Collaborative Network have a voice.
  • Honor agreements and decisions made by the Collaborative Network.
  • Respect the confidentiality of data, comments made by other Partners or other information when shared in confidence within the Collaborative Network.
  • When appropriate and/or agreed upon, communicate the work of the Collaborative Network to others through appropriate channels (i.e., newsletters, social media, etc.).
  • Attend no less than 80% of regular meetings of the Collaborative Network.
  • Participate actively in all meetings, sharing data, knowledge, information and resources.
  • Select a delegate to consistently represent the organization.
  • Stay informed and engaged between meetings by reviewing meeting notes and other materials distributed via e-mail, online, etc.

This Network Partner Agreement is a statement of intent only, is not legally binding upon the parties, and implies no financial commitment on the part of any partner member.

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