June 2016 Math Pathways Project Team Report

The following update was presented to the TCCC Board of Directors during their annual Annual Meeting on June 15, 2016.

Team Mission

Create and define Strategies and implement Actions that deliver a comprehensive set of Systems and Programs that achieve the Math Pathways Vision

 Our Vision

Ensuring mathematical proficiency by 2025, so that ALL Tri-County students are ready for their college and career aspirations


  • Drive mathematical proficiency improvements into the entire educational system, pre-K, K-8 and High School.
  • Put in place a set of initial strategies. As required, adjust them and/or add to them as implementation occurs.
  • Utilize and/or rework where applicable current programs in place. Identify and utilize additional leading edge math proficiency programs within Tri-county, South Carolina and across the nation to achieve the best return on investment
  • Motivate all educational stakeholders (e.g. teachers, math specialists, school board, etc.) to ensure they are “on board” and understand that their role is important.
  • Conduct on-going evaluations of program implementation. Measure implementation progress.  Recognize successes and identify revisions as required to achieve success.

 Initial Project Strategies

  • Develop and implement changes in teacher/educator training curriculum
    • Assures “all” future teachers have strong math basics
    • Provides professional development for veteran teachers
    • Communicates the “How and Why”
    • Alignment on what ‘Proficiency’ should mean
  • Create professional mathematical collaboration/conversation forums
    • Teacher to teacher, coach to teacher
    • PLCs
    • Elementary Math Specialists, full-time positions
    • Deepen the understanding of ‘Proficiency’ (Principles in Action)
  • Identify and implement math program improvements/changes.
    • Includes, but is not limited to, new math curriculum, remedial programs and tutorial programs
    • Leading edge programs within tri-county, state and national school systems
    • A set of time lined and prioritized set of changes
  • Define and create awareness of “Specific Math Pathways” from high school to college.
    • Defines sequencing and timing
    • Communicates the “How and Why”
    • Reduces the risk of skills degradation
    • Is clear and transparent to both students and parents
  • Address the shortage of qualified math teachers in the region
    • Apparent decline in students enrolling in Schools of Education
    • Incentives for more students becoming math teachers
    • Schools of Ed. curriculum
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