2018 Excellence in Mathematics Teaching

Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative’s Math Pathways Project Team is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Excellence in Mathematics Teaching awards.

Public schools in 48 states – including South Carolina – reported mathematics teacher shortages for the 2017-18 school year. In fact, mathematics teacher shortages have been prevalent in South Carolina since 2000.

The tri-county region’s economy now requires a highly educated and skilled labor force, particularly in the STEM disciplines, to remain competitive. Those same economic trends that have made mathematics skills increasingly valuable to students have made it increasingly difficult to attract and retain skilled mathematics teachers.

To honor and put a spotlight on mathematics teachers and administrators who are working tirelessly to train our future work force, TCCC’s Math Pathways Project Team recognized excellence in the profession during an event on October 16 at Trident Technical College.

Mathematics professionals from the four regional school districts, who were nominated by their peers, were honored during this “Excellence in Mathematics Teaching” event, sponsored by The Boeing Company. Jennifer Wise, the 2017 S.C. Teacher of the Year who now serves in Lexington School District Two as the instructional services specialist and within the University of South Carolina as an elementary math methods instructor, delivered the keynote address.

“A large body of evidence confirms that teacher effectiveness is a key determinant of students’ academic progress, so we want to take this opportunity to honor those teachers who are having a strong, positive impact,” said Geoff Schuler, a retired Boeing Company executive and convener of TCCC’s Math Pathways Project Team. “Teachers deserve society’s respect, and we must continue to find ways to motivate and inspire those in this noble profession.”

Mathematics prepares and develops a student’s mind to accept, analyze and execute complex ideas. It is built level by level, and mastering math fundamentals in the early grades is the gateway to future coursework.

In the tri-county region, 57 percent of third graders met math grade-level standards on the SC READY test in 2017-2018.

“Budget constraints and teacher shortages – particularly for those in STEM subjects – increase pressures on teacher time and severely limit opportunities for sustained professional development.  Students benefit, though, when teachers have the tools and resources they need to supplement math curricula,” said TCCC CEO John C. Read. “We must fund programs and provide time within the school week for continuous learning opportunities that allow educators to advance their skills.”

Winners of the 2018 Excellence in Mathematics Teaching awards each received a trophy and $350.00 to use toward professional development opportunities of their own choosing.

“Education is the key to success, and teachers are at the center of it,” said Anita Zucker, CEO of The InterTech Group and chair of the TCCC Board of Directors. “I hope that each teacher who was nominated feels more respected, more passionate and more appreciated. I am proud of and inspired by each one of them.”


Lesley Brantley, Dorchester School District Two

Lesley BrantleyLesley Brantley has been teaching 8th grade math and Algebra I Honors in Dorchester School District Two for the past 6 years. During her very first year of teaching, she was not only named Dubose Middle School’s Rookie Teacher of the Year but was also selected as one of the district’s Honor Rookie Teacher of the Year.

She has been instrumental in revising math curriculum for the district and continues to be selected every year. Not only does she teach math, but she also coaches the Math Counts team for her middle school. This past year, she was trained to be part of the 8th grade STEM Team as well.

Brantley has been a team leader in 8th grade and has also served as 8th grade chair. For every year she has been teaching, Brantley has been chosen by students for the “Special Teacher” award. Last year, Brantley was nominated and chosen by school and district peers to become a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an altruistic educational sorority. Brantley enjoys spending time with her husband, Matt, and 2-year-old daughter, Annie Blane.


Christi Brinson, Dorchester School District Two

Christi BrinsonChristi Brinson is a 6th grade math teacher at Rollings Middle School of the Arts. She has been teaching for 16 ½ years. During her time in this position, she has served as the Math Department head, mentor teacher and was awarded Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year.

Brinson also serves on the Curriculum Writing Committee and Math Academy for Dorchester School District Two. She holds a master’s degree in instructional leadership from American Military University.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending family time with her husband, Scott, and two children, Hailey and Nathan, as well as cheering on the Carolina Gamecocks.




Ashley Clemmons, Dorchester School District Two

Ashley ClemmonsAshley Clemmons is a fourth grade math, science and social studies teacher in Dorchester School District Two. She has taught at Fort Dorchester Elementary for 12 years, 10 of which were spent in an intervention position working with at-risk students.

Clemmons has collaborated with teachers across the district to curate and model intervention practices. She has also served as a member of the district math curriculum team as well as the Dorchester School District Two Math Academy.

Clemmons holds a master’s degree in teaching, learning and advocacy from the College of Charleston. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.



Sarah Crowe, Charleston County School District

Sarah CroweSarah Crowe is a dynamic and reflective teacher leader with a proven ability to foster growth in students and staff through the development of stimulating learning communities and the creation of innovative curricula.

“I am a life-long learner, with a special interest in providing students with opportunities for experiential learning as a means to achieve greater academic success,” she said. “I have a deeply held belief that complex tasks are imperative in the classroom, but that students and staff can experience academic rigor in a less arduous manner. Learning is fun! I teach an art integrated classroom where my students learn the complex topics of mathematics through art and problem solving.”

Crowe has 16 years teaching experience and throughout her tenure, she has done the following:

– Team leader for grade level

– Served on the School Leadership Committee

– Served as the Student Council Sponsor

– Served as District T.I.P Cohort Leader for 1st year mathematics teachers

– Chaired the Black History Month Committee

– Designed, wrote and helped successfully carry out two Engaging Creative Minds (ECM) units

– Created and taught a successful inclusion model

– Served as a mentor for 1st year mathematics teacher

– Served as a mentor for new teacher to Charleston County School District

– Presented at a variety of conference across the state

– Served as curriculum lead and instructional coach for math and science teachers in grades six through eight

– Conducted quarterly data meetings so that teachers could use various progress-monitoring data (e.g., CBMs, MAP scores) to inform their instructional practices and to provide student interventions as necessary

– Responsible for the creation and execution of ongoing professional development opportunities for staff through classroom walk-throughs, peer observations and instructional support

– Trained as a SC Initial Mentor

– Planned and led PLC meetings with teachers on the topics of classroom management and student engagement

Cindy Fisk, Berkeley County School District

Cindy FiskCynthia “Cindy” Fisk was born in Japan and adopted by an American couple who were stationed in Japan. She was raised in Goose Creek, SC, and her father became a machine shop teacher in Charleston County School District after retiring from the U.S. Navy and working in the Charleston Naval Shipyard.  She was often told the many stories about “light bulbs” turning on while he was teaching.  Unfortunately, he became disabled and retired from teaching soon after she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. Fisk admired her father, who modeled a lifetime of excellent work ethic, overcame an impoverished life, earned a GED and was a veteran who survived WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Fisk admired her father’s motivation in pursuing a teaching certificate to spread his knowledge of his vocational trade. He desired that his only child would attend college and achieve more than he did with regards to his education. Education was always the priority in the home in which Fisk was raised.

Initially, Fisk chose to attend college to please her father. She graduated from Francis Marion College in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and no concentration in education. Soon after her graduation, her father was declared 100% disabled by the Veterans Administration and was presented the benefit that his only child would be able to continue with her education. Fisk decided to earn her teacher certification through the graduate program offered through the College of Charleston by earning her Master of Arts in teaching in elementary education, which at that time covered K – Grade 8. In 1992, soon after graduation, Fisk was hired by Dr. Lavinia Turner, the former principal of Westview Middle School, to teach 5th grade social studies, English and math. Fisk continued her education and earned an additional master’s degree in supervision and administration. In October of 1994, the semester prior to her administration internship, Fisk’s beloved father passed away with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 66. The three years of care giving and attending graduate school was a difficult time for her, and Fisk could not find the sincere desire to complete her second master’s degree. Had it not been for the persistence and encouragement from Dr. Turner, she would not have persevered to finish her degree in 1995.

Cindy stayed at Westview Middle School and served in many lead positions, such as grade-level chair, Professional Learning Community Committee Chair, Jr. BETA sponsor, PTSA member, Making Middle Grades Work Leader, Tech Team member and Berkeley County School District presenter of electronic gradebooks, all while teaching 5th grade English, social studies and math for five years and then being moved to teach 6th grade math for the next 13 years. She was always humble when nominated for Teacher of the Year by her colleagues, but with caring for her mother for 12 years and also being a mother of two young children, she would always respectfully decline.

A couple of years after Fisk’s mother passed away, it was a time for change, and Fisk transferred to Marrington Middle School of the Arts, located on the former Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek. For the past eight years, Fisk has been thrilled teaching at her current school, having worked under Dr. Jim Spencer and now Ms. Dara Harrop.

As Cindy gets older, she is humbled by her former students, who have expressed their appreciation, not just learning math in her classes, but for having a teacher create a more positive attitude by nurturing their love for math. Fisk feels the need to encourage a growth mindset in this day and age, especially, the perseverance character trait. She always tells her students that they are and will remain her children. She reminds them that if it was not for failure, one would never learn. She encourages her students to push forward through life by learning from their mistakes and failures as well as in their educational pursuits. In addition, she encourages her students to become advocates for themselves and take ownership of their education. She is always delighted with visits and updates from her former students and continues to be proud of each of them, with regards as to who they have become. Those are the success stories that drive Fisk. They keep her motivated and fuel her passion for changing one student at a time.

Meghan Lewis, Berkeley County School District

Meghan LewisMeghan Lewis just began her 7th year as a 5th grade teacher at Berkeley Intermediate School. She has taught math every year and has incorporated math into the science curriculum five out of the seven years.

“My favorite things about teaching math is watching my students make connections within math and to the real world and each of them exploring the many, many ‘whys’ of math,” Lewis said. “I work hard to enrich the mathematical mindset of my students and give them the experiences they need to truly understand the math they will use now and into adulthood.”





Cheri Modeen, Charleston County School District

Cheri ModeenCheri Modeen has taught 7th Grade math at Laing Middle School of Science and Technology for the past three years. She graduated from the following higher education institutions:

– University of Rochester with a School District Leadership Certificate (SDL)

– University of Albany with a masters degree in secondary mathematics education

– SUNY Potsdam with a bachelor’s degree in secondary mathematics education

Prior to living in South Carolina, Modeen spent 20 years as a math teacher, math instruction coach, coordinator of regional math initiatives for 25 districts and the executive coordinator of staff development at WFL BOCES in Rochester, New York.



Jenell Riley, Charleston County School District

Jenell RileyJenell Riley currently teaches at R.B. Stall High School and resides in Summerville with her husband of 30 years, Christopher Riley. She is currently in her 18th year of teaching secondary mathematics and 15th year at Stall. Riley earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from New Mexico State University (1993) and a Masters of Education in teaching, learning and advocacy, with a concentration in math and science, from the College of Charleston (2016). She has taught all levels of high school mathematics, but she is currently teaching Algebra 1, Foundations of Algebra and Intermediate Algebra in the Ninth Grade Academy.

One of Riley’s main goals in her classroom is to equip her students to become agents of change and critical consumers in the world they live in. To accomplish this, she focuses on building positive relationships with her students, providing rigorous instruction and making the content relevant to their daily lives. She is an advocate for improving teacher retention and provides support by serving as a trained mentor, a “buddy” for teachers new to the school and by working with the New Teacher Support Group. Riley is an active part of the school’s leadership team in her role as the Math Department chair. She previously served as the chair of the school’s Professional Learning Committee and the Academic Assistance Team.

During the 2005-2006 and 2010-2011 school year, Riley was honored to be selected as Stall’s Teacher of the Year by her colleagues. She is a member of two educational organizations: the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (SCCTM).

Outside of teaching, Riley enjoys spending time with her husband and five adult children, traveling and working in her church. She teaches Sunday School, works with the Children’s Ministry and teaches adult Bible study classes.

Christine Ryan, Charleston County School District

Christine "Chris" RyanThe chapters of Christine “Chris” Ryan’s life story begin with fall and end with summers filled with fun, family and preparations for the new school year.  1968 was the year many will say her teaching career was born. Ryan’s first class consisted of a favorite doll, several stuffed animals, her younger sister, Theresa, and the family dog, Fritz. Using discarded textbooks, hand-made flash cards and a well-worn two-sided chalkboard, she knew even as a young child that she wanted to be a teacher, and that desire never waned.

Ryan was afforded the great privilege of teaching her first wonderful class of extraordinarily special children in 1983, and her love for children and the education profession grew only stronger with each successive year. Her experiences have been rich and varied.

For more than three decades, she has worked with students and adults in five states and Germany and earned master’s degrees in reading education and administration. Thirteen years ago Ryan’s family moved from Myrtle Beach to Charleston. Since then, she has served as a teacher coach, learning specialist, project manager for the chief academic officer, and director of curriculum, instruction and professional learning.

Ryan joined the James Simons Elementary School staff six years ago and immediately knew that James Simons was a special school! It is with great humility and joy that she serves the children, staff, and community as the principal of James Simons.

Christine Trevillyan, Dorchester School District Two

Christine TrevillyanChristine Trevillyan is a math and engineering teacher at Summerville High School, as well as the Math and Engineering Department chair.  During her 20 years of teaching, Trevillyan taught math and science at Septima Clark Corporate Academy in Charleston County prior to moving to Dorchester School District Two in 2007. Trevillyan was her school’s Teacher of the Year during her time in Charleston County and held the Science Department chair position for eight of the nine years she was employed in that district.

Upon moving to Summerville High School, Trevillyan moved from teaching science to teaching mathematics and became the Summerville High School Math Department chair in 2008.  Trevillyan began teaching Project Lead the Way engineering courses in 2013 and became the Engineering Department chair in 2015.

She holds a master’s degree in mathematics and science for teachers from the University of Charleston. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and her many animals.


Brittany Wasilowski, Charleston County School District

Brittany WasilowskiBrittany Wasilowski, who was married in 2017 and the mom to four “fur babies,” was born and raised in Charleston. She attended Buist Academy and Academic Magnet High School (2004). Wasilowski earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education (2008) and an MEd in Reading (2010) from Winthrop University.

She is in her 9th year of teaching in Charleston County School District. Wasilowski taught 2nd grade at Chicora Elementary for five years and was Chicora’s Teacher of the Year for 2014-2015.  This is her 4th year at Stono Park Elementary in 1st grade.

“I am honored to have been nominated for the Excellence in Mathematics Teaching award,” she said. “Thank you!”



Meggie Wegmann, Dorchester School District Two

Meggie WegmannMegan “Meggie” Wegmann is a product of Dorchester School District Two, who returned home to teach after receiving a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Clemson University. She is now in her 12th year of teaching first grade, 10th year performing as the Beech Hill Elementary 1st Grade Math Representative and 3rd year serving as the BHES Early Childhood Rigor Coach.

For seven consecutive years, Wegmann has contributed in developing and organizing math resources, assessments and pacing guides for the district’s Atlas database. She participated in Dorchester School District Two’s first-ever Math Academy (2016-2018) in which she attended summer trainings, participated in professional development and presented at the Dorchester School District Two K-2 Numeracy Workshop.

As a model life-long leaner, Meggie continues to pursue opportunities to grow as both an educator and student. She served on her school’s School Improvement Council, participated in her school‘s book studies of Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindset and Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset, and visited The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout her career, she has mentored induction teachers, supported preservice high school and college students, and opened her classroom doors to countless fellow teachers.

As a recipient of multiple PTA and Donors Choose grants, Wegmann has used the funds to provide students with flexible seating options, technology and STEAM opportunities. Wegmann also loves bringing her passion for sign language into her classroom, and her students have performed at school events and award nights. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new things, spending time with her family and playing with her dog, Bowman, at the lake.

Award Winners

Hanna Cato, Berkeley County School District

Hanna CatoHanna Cato is in her 5th year of teaching 3rd grade math at Berkeley Intermediate School. “What I love about teaching math is that every child has the potential to be successful. For the past several years, I have been using small groups to meet my students where they are and push them to be the best they can be,” Cato said.

She studied early childhood education as a South Carolina Teaching Fellow at the University of South Carolina. Cato graduated in December and then served as a long-term sub at Berkeley Intermediate. She was hired for the upcoming fall and received Rookie Teacher of the Year that year.

Two years later, she won Teacher of the Year for 2017. Cato is still currently representing Berkeley Intermediate on Teacher Forum. She completed the BCSD Math Teacher Leader and Math Teacher Leader Master courses from 2014-2016.

She is also the site liaison and head coach for Berkeley Intermediate School’s Girls on the Run team.


Allison Gable, Charleston County School District

Allison GableAllison Gable has been teaching for 9 years, all of which are at R.B. Stall High School. Originally from Pittsburgh (yes, she is a Steelers fan), Gable graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. She later received her master’s degree in teaching from National University and is National Board Certified. She teaches AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and any other math classes needed by her department. Additionally, she is a mentor for new teachers.

Gable is the adviser for Stall’s National Honor Society and Beta Club. She is passionate about math, but, more importantly, her students. She stays most days after school helping struggling students with math and has aided in helping homeless students at her school have a place to stay through Project H.O.M.E.

Recently, she and her fiancé bought a house and are in the process of planning a wedding. When she has time to breathe, she enjoys exercising, snuggling her cat, reading and photography. A lifelong learner, she looks forward to the summers so she can travel abroad, go to conferences and explore the outdoors.


Joe Guarino, Charleston County School District

Joe Guarino, Charleston County School DistrictJoe Guarino has been an educator for 11 years, teaching physical education as well as general education.

In 2017 – 2018, Guarino served as the math liaison for A.C. Corcoran Elementary School in Charleston County School District. His students enjoyed learning through Reflex, ALEKS and DreamBox. Guarino also served as a DreamBox leader for the 2017 – 2018 school year.

This year, Guarino is an assistant principal at Forest Hills Elementary in Colleton County. When he is not at school, he enjoys music, sports and spending time outdoors with his wife, Diane, and their 3-year old son, JD.





Paula Huggins, Dorchester School District Four

Paula Huggins, Dorchester School District FourPaula Huggins, who is in her 29th year of teaching, now teaches at Clay Hill Elementary in Dorchester School District Four. She currently teaches all subjects to fourth graders and has taught third grade. In the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years, she advanced the school’s First Lego League Robotics Team to the state competition.

Huggins participated in the State Department’s Numeracy Leader year-long workshop sessions, taught by Mary Rutzga. She has used this training to work alongside other teachers to design curriculum.





Kristin Kofoid, Dorchester School District Two

Kristin KofoidKristin Kofoid has spent 19 years teaching mathematics in Dorchester School District Two and Berkeley County School District. During this time, she earned a master’s degree in education, National Board Certification and became a Project Lead the Way instructor for multiple pre-engineering subjects.

As a teacher for Dorchester District 2, Kofoid has been involved in mentoring district-wide National Board candidates, developing Algebra 2 and Geometry curriculum at the district level, along with creating benchmark exams. Currently, she is working toward English as a Second Language certification.

In her spare time, Kofoid loves to play with her 2 grandchildren, sketch, scrapbook, travel, read and ride her bicycle.



Megan Profit, Dorchester School District Two

Megan ProfitMegan Profit is an assistant principal at Fort Dorchester High School in Dorchester School District Two. Last year, her first year as an administrator, she worked directly with the math department to employ more structured and productive PLCs. She also implemented a peer observation initiative that yielded such positive results that FDHS will be implementing it school-wide this school year.

During her 8 years as a teacher, Profit worked extensively with curriculum committees to develop pacing guides and resources for her district, along with serving as a mentor for first-year teachers. She also hosted student teachers from local colleges and has held multiple leadership roles over the years, including grade-level chair and Teacher of the Year.

In her spare time, Profit enjoys spending time with her husband and two children out on their family boat.



Gary Seaboldt, Dorchester School District Two

Gary SeaboldtGary Seaboldt is a second grade, single gender (boys) teacher at Alston-Bailey Elementary School in Dorchester School District Two. He is in his 14th year of teaching, fifth year in second grade and fourth year teaching a single gender boys’ class.

Seaboldt currently serves as the grade-level team leader, math representative and works as a part of the district’s second grade math planning committee, developing curriculum and grade-level pacing guides. During the 2016-2017 school year, he was selected to participate in the district-initiated K-2 Math Academy and now hosts teachers to observe his math instruction.

Seaboldt has had the opportunity to present at school, district and state functions on integrating the arts and action-based learning into math and other content areas. Most recently, he co-presented on Quality Questioning in Math at the Dorchester District Two Learning by Design professional development conference. In addition, he represented Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School as the 2017 Teacher of the Year.

Seaboldt holds a master’s degree in elementary education from Charleston Southern University. In his spare time, he enjoys being with his friends and family, especially his nephew and two nieces.

Laney Taylor, Dorchester School District Four

Laney Taylor, Dorchester School District FourLaney Taylor, who has been a math teacher for 24 years, is a graduate of Summerville High School and the University of South Carolina. She has taught at Dorchester Academy in St. George, Gregg Middle School in Summerville, Dorchester County Career and Technology Center in Dorchester, and currently at Woodland High School.  This year, in addition to teaching geometry and statistics, Taylor is teaching Woodland High School’s first leadership development course. She is also the school’s Renaissance Club sponsor.

Taylor is a Christian, who has been married to her high school sweetheart for 25 years. They have two sons, Brody, who will be 20 in November, and Landon, who is 15 and just started driving himself to school. Besides going to Gamecock football games, she enjoys reading, swimming, going camping, doing Sudoku puzzles, watching old home movies with her husband and sons, having long conversations with her “momma” (who is a retired math teacher, so she “gets” it) and being out on any body of water on the family boat.



Meg Ward, Berkeley County School District

Meg WardMeg Ward is in her 25th year of teaching. She is a 1989 graduate of Stratford High School, a 1993 graduate of Winthrop University (B.A. in mathematics) and a 2004 graduate of The Citadel (M.Ed Secondary Education).

“I love what I do and hope to retire as a classroom teacher from my high school alma mater. Connecting with students as young adults, encouraging them to be a part of something bigger than themselves and helping students find success in the math classroom are the things I am most passionate about,” Ward said. “I wanted to teach math to help students to learn to ‘not hate’ math and to discover that math is useful and interesting, and can be fun!!”




James Whitehair, Charleston County School District

James "Jay" Whitehair James “Jay” Whitehair is the principal of Laing Middle School of Science & Technology. Under his leadership, Laing developed a Whole-School STEM initiative that emphasized problem-solving through the Engineer Design Process and hands-on experiences with digital and various other technologies.

In 2017, Laing was named #1 STEM middle school in the nation by the Future of Education and Technology Conference. In 2018, Laing was recognized by the International Engineering Educator’s Association as a Program Excellence Award recipient. The Program Excellence Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession and students, and is one of the highest honors given to technology and engineering education programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

During his tenure, Whitehair has overseen the building of Laing’s new state of the art facility and the subsequent growth in enrollment to more than 1,300 students. He also helped facilitate Laing’s transition into a 1:1 take home school. Laing is currently embarking on becoming a pilot school for middle schools in South Carolina with integrating computer science into the core curriculum.

Whitehair has worked in the retail industry as buyer, a middle school social studies teacher and an assistant principal. He is a graduate of Marshall University with B.A. in business management and M.A.T. in education. He also received his educational leadership certification from The Citadel.

Event Speakers

Speaker: Perry J. Morrissette, Senior Engineering Manager, South Carolina Engineering Design Center, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Perry Morrissette

Perry Morrissette is currently the senior manager of Engineering Design Center Integration (EDCI) organization for Boeing South Carolina (BSC), after his appointment in September 2014. Morrissette is responsible for establishing the strategy and guiding the development and deployment of engineering innovation, operational and technical integration activities, Lean practices, rapid prototyping, growth of engineering work statement and functional skill team responsibilities for the EDC. In this role, Morrissette manages a multi-disciplinary staff of engineers, technical specialists and managers with expertise in engineering operations, design and analysis, manufacturing planning, NC programming, information technology, data analytics, tooling, lean and functional excellence. He reports to Dan Mooney, Vice President of Engineering for BSC Engineering Design Center.

Morrissette brings more than 34 years of industry experience to his current assignment, the last 29 at Boeing. Since joining Boeing in 1989, Morrissette has held airframe and mechanical system design, structural analysis, product integration, production engineering and leadership assignments of increasing responsibility on the 787 Dreamliner, CH-47 Chinook, V-22 Osprey, RAH-66 Comanche, an Army ISR program and 787 / 777 / 767 / 757 / 747 programs.

Morrissette is an Innovation and Growth leader for BSC; is the Leadership Champion of the Employee Development & Growth Enhancement (EDGE) program; a member of Boeing’s Additive Manufacturing process action team (PAT); member of The Citadel Engineering Leadership & Program Management (ELPM) Advisory Board; member of Penn State University’s Learning Factory Industry Advisory Board. Previously Morrissette was the leader of the 3D Rapid Prototyping Capability Center (3DRPCC) at Boeing Philadelphia and Engineering Focal for Carnegie-Mellon University

Morrissette possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical and industrial engineering from Clarkson University and an Associate of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the State University of New York at Canton.

Speaker: John C. Read, CEO of Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative

John C. ReadJohn C. Read was named Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative’s first CEO in May 2014. Prior to that, he was CEO for SeriousFun Children’s Network, Paul Newman’s global network of camps and programs serving children with life-threatening illnesses. Read joined SeriousFun after serving as CEO for Outward Bound USA for nearly a decade.

Read entered the non-profit sector after serving in senior manufacturing roles with Cummins Engine, the Donaldson Company and Heavy Duty Holdings. He was also appointed by President Ford as Assistant Secretary for Employment Standards in the Labor Department.

Read holds a bachelor’s degree and MBA from Harvard University.

In an issue titled, “The Giving Back Awards” he was honored by Newsweek Magazine as one of 15 individuals who “make America great.”


Event Emcee: Geoff Schuler, Convener of TCCC’s Math Pathways Project Team

Geoff Schuler, Convener of TCCC's Math Pathways Project TeamGeoff Schuler, a retired Boeing Company executive, retired in 2013 after 34 years of leadership in both the Commercial and Defense & Space sectors of the company. Since his retirement, he has remained very active in the Charleston region. He is currently the Convener of the Tri-County Cradle to Career (TCCC) organization’s Math Pathways Project Team (MPPT), which includes the region’s four school districts and the six major colleges and universities in the state of South Carolina. The MPPT has implemented major K-12 math program improvements in the region.  Schuler is a trustee on the Trident Technical College Foundation’s Board of Trustees and has served on the Charleston Metro Charleston Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. While serving on the Chamber’s board, he was the World Trade Center Charleston’s (WTCC) Steering Council chairman.  Schuler also serves on the West Virginia University, College of Industrial Engineering, Council of Advisors.

Schuler came to South Carolina in March 2009 with the acquisition of the 787 Dreamliner Aft Body and Mid Body operations and decision to place the 2nd Final Assembly and Delivery Center in South Carolina. He was a key leader within the Boeing South Carolina Commercial Airplane operation, holding positions as the Site Integration Leader and Chief Operating Officer. Previously within the Defense & Space sector of Boeing, Schuler was director of Mission Assurance and Program Operations for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) program, and was director of Operations and Product Support for the company’s Missile Defense Systems at Boeing Huntsville, AL. Schuler has also held leadership positions as deputy program manager of the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Seeker program, production program manager of Hellfire Production Programs and director of Operations at the Atlanta, GA operations. In 2005, while Schuler was site director at Boeing Huntsville, Al, the site was named Alabama Manufacturer of the Year by the Business Council of Alabama and Alabama Technology Network.

Schuler holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from West Virginia University, received in 1975, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University, received in 1989.

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Wise, 2017 South Carolina Teacher of the Year 

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Wise, 2017 South Carolina Teacher of the YearJennifer Wise serves in Lexington School District Two as the instructional services specialist and with the University of South Carolina as an elementary math methods instructor. She began her teaching career in Richland School District One at Hand Middle School, where she taught 7th and 8th grade mathematics, Algebra I and Geometry.

Wise attended the University of South Carolina as a teaching fellow and received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and master of teaching in secondary mathematics. With a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development, Wise has worked with Educational Testing Services at Princeton to establish a cut score for the Middle Level Mathematics Praxis Test, served with the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee as a member of the 6-8 Mathematics Standard Review Board and represented South Carolina as a math expert at the standards setting meeting for the National Center and State Collaborative.  She was named as South Carolina’s math awardee for the 2015 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, the 2017 South Carolina Teacher of the Year and a 2017-18 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, which allowed her to spend a year working on Capitol Hill on education policy.  Wise is currently pursuing her doctorate in teaching and learning with an emphasis in mathematics.

Passionate in the pursuit for all students to be afforded the greatest opportunities possible, Wise enjoys working with education stakeholders to provide strong professional development opportunities and the instructional resources needed to empower all students to achieve high levels of success.

Speaker: Anita Zucker, Chair and CEO of The InterTech Group Inc. and Chair of the TCCC Board of Directors

Anita Zucker, Chair and CEO of The InterTech Group Inc. and Chair of the TCCC Board of DirectorsAnita Zucker is the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of The InterTech Group, Inc. (TIG), a privately held company founded by Anita and former husband, Jerry Zucker (OBM). One of the largest private companies in the USA, TIG and its affiliates operate in a diverse array of industries, from aerospace and specialty chemicals to real estate and entertainment. In addition to its wholly-owned entities, TIG and its affiliates are substantial investors in many public companies and retain a diverse portfolio of equity, debt and real estate holdings.

Zucker earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Florida and Master of Education from the University of North Florida in Educational Administration and Supervision. She taught elementary school for over 10 years before beginning her work at TIG.  She holds Honorary Doctorates from Medical University of South Carolina, Clemson University, The Citadel, College of Charleston, University of South Carolina, Johnson and Wales University and Yeshiva University.

A daughter of holocaust survivors, Zucker is passionately committed to Tikkun Olam (Hebrew: repair of the world). She has been and continues to be a leader for numerous organizations. Currently, Zucker serves on the Board of Trustees at the University of Florida. Capitalizing on her networking and development expertise, Zucker also serves on University of Florida Foundations’ Executive Board as current chair of the capital campaign. Zucker’s work at UF assisted in the launch of Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative (TCCC), an organization she founded and currently chairs. TCCC is a commitment to align community leadership and resources in an effort to ensure all children are successfully meeting important milestones from birth to career launch. Zucker also currently serves on the President’s Initiatives Committee of Clemson University. Zucker is a founder and past co-chair of Tiffany Circle – Charleston, a national women’s society established by the American Red Cross and serves on the Chairman’s Council for the American Red Cross. Zucker was appointed to the Trident Technical College Area Commission and serves as a trustee. She is a past president of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and The Coastal Community Foundation boards where she continues to serve. Zucker is a former chair of the Medical University of South Carolina Foundation Board, Hollings Cancer Center Citizens Advisory Committee and currently chairs MUSC Neurosciences Advisory Board.

Zucker served as chairperson of the Board of Governors of the School of Business at the College of Charleston. Zucker is past president of the Charleston Jewish Federation and a member of the Committee for the Holocaust Memorial at Marion Square in Charleston, SC. Zucker served as a member of the Trident Public Education Foundation, SC Business Education Partnership Committee for Excellence in Education, and as a past member and former chair of the SC Network of Business Partners for Education.

Zucker is a recipient of the 2018 Ellis Island Medal of Honor. She received the “Order of the Palmetto,” presented by Governor David Beasley for her dedication to education. She is a recipient of the Malcolm D. Haven award from The Community Foundation for her contributions to the Tri-county community and Charleston Jewish Federation’s inaugural “Light Unto the Nations” award honoring both Mr. and Ms. Zucker. She has the distinction of being one of the South Carolina Ambassadors for Economic Development for Charleston County, presented by Governor Sanford and recipient of the Champions for Education Award, renamed The Zucker Champions for Education Award. Zucker received the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the President’s Award from the University of Florida and Wilkins Award for Excellence in Civic Leadership.

Math Pathways Project Team

The Math Pathways Project Team (MPPT) is comprised of representation from the region’s four school districts (Berkeley County, Charleston County, Dorchester District 2 and Dorchester District 4) and colleges and universities across the state (Charleston Southern University, Clemson University, The Citadel, College of Charleston, University of South Carolina and Trident Technical College). The team reviews and evaluates the region’s school district math curriculum, the colleges’ and universities’ entry requirements and the readiness of high school students to enter post-secondary education and/or to enter into the workforce.

Special thanks to all MPPT members for helping to make this event a success:

Sherri Abel, Charleston County School District

Todd Ashby, Charleston Southern University

Courtney Barringer, Charleston County School District

Nancy Britt-Stevens, Dorchester School District Four

Mei Chen, The Citadel

Catherine DeMers, Charleston County School District

Karen Fonkert, Charleston Southern University

David Harris, Trident Technical College

Deborah Jeter, College of Charleston

Bob Mignone, College of Charleston

Corey Prentiss, Berkeley County School District

Kelly Purvis, Dorchester School District Two

John C. Read, Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative

George Roy, University of South Carolina

Ann Sanderson, Dorchester School District Two

Geoff Schuler, Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative

Wendy Sheppard, Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative

Rachael Smilowitz, Charleston County School District

Ryan Thomas, Charleston Southern University

Jennifer Thorsten, Berkeley County School District

Andrew Tyminski, Clemson University

David Virtue, University of South Carolina

Jan Yow, University of South Carolina