Algebra Nation a lifeline to some S.C. students

Special thanks to The Post and Courier’s Paul Bowers for writing about Algebra Nation, a web-based instructional tool that was created in Florida and implemented in South Carolina in 2017 to help teachers facilitate highly personalized learning of Algebra 1.

Through the program, teachers can assign videos to students based on their learning needs, making it possible for students to progress asynchronously through Algebra 1. Students can test themselves using a practice tool and receive personalized feedback to address gaps in their understanding.

They can also receive personalized, real-time feedback from teachers, tutors and peers on the Algebra Wall, which empowers them to learn collaboratively inside and outside of school.

Whenever a student helps another student on the Algebra Wall – such as directing them to an appropriate video to address their question, explaining how to start solving a math problem or by showing their classroom where they’ve made an error – the helper is awarded Karma Points.

Click here to read the P&C story, which includes a quote from TCCC CEO John Read.

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