Kindergarten Readiness Network launches 3 groups

TCCC’s Kindergarten Readiness Network recently kicked off three working groups: Family Connects, Birth to 8 Framework and Family Engagement.

The Family Connects Work Group, led by Project Manager Mary French, will develop a business plan for Tri-County Family Connects.

The Birth to 8 Framework Work Group is inspired by the Birth to Eight Framework, created by the Institute for Child Success with the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation. The goal for this work group is to create a strategic vision for Kindergarten Readiness with drafts, input and vetting from the community.

The Family Engagement Work Group was formed from a gap analysis that identified intentional family engagement as missing from the network. This group will support the goal of adding caregivers to the guiding team and network. Select members from the working groups will make up the re-envisioned Guiding Team, which will kick off during the first quarter of 2018.

The Kindergarten Readiness network also partnered with Dorchester County First Steps and SC First Steps to conduct community conversation focus groups to garner the early childhood education aspirations of center directors, staff, parents of young children and early childhood resource providers in December and January.

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