Opinion: ‘South Carolina education system needs major overhaul to fix inequities’

TCCC CEO, John Read, has an opinion piece in The Post and Courier today about the need for an education system overhaul in the state of South Carolina.

“Many will view with disbelief and distrust the prospect of real reform taking place. We haven’t seen a governor take a serious interest in education since Gov. Richard Riley, and the number of studies and reports detailing what’s wrong with CCSD could fill a library. Incidentally, similar problems can also be observed in Dorchester and Berkeley counties,” Read says. “What’s needed is a movement of parents, teachers, civic and business leaders, ‘if onlys,’ naysayers and distrusters to demand the transformation of public education here.”

Read the full opinion piece at: https://www.postandcourier.com/opinion/commentary/south-carolina-education-system-needs-major-overhaul-to-fix-inequities/article_4f8a5306-fa7e-11e8-9dd1-f7d71fcbdc7d.html

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