Families as Advocates
  • Volunteer to support students with homework, mentoring or other enrichment experiences.
  • Communicate the facts and raise awareness of the need for systemic change in K-12 education.
  • Support the development of an early childhood system to support young children.
  • Hold education leaders accountable for addressing inequities.
Business Community
  • Be an advocate for reforming the public education system to become nationally competitive.
  • Support early childhood development as the source of your future workforce.
  • Promote and support employee volunteerism and experiential learning for students.
  • Offer accommodating hours, tuition assistance and/or incentives to encourage employee degree completion.
Partners in Education
  • Be clear about the outcomes you expect, how they relate to academic achievement, and how you measure success.
  • Strengthen connections with other education partners.
  • Participate in TCCC network activities, evaluating your role against the needs of the entire community.
Join in the Partnership

TCCC is a collaborative made up of a broad cross­-section of community partners, each with a stake in improving educational outcomes, committed to using data to align resources, focusing our efforts around common goals, and helping build and implement strategies to facilitate widespread systemic change. Our partners include:

• Families
• Students
• Educators & administrators
• Schools, districts & colleges
• Nonprofits
• Businesses
• Faith based organizations
• Civic and philanthropic groups
• Elected officials & municipalities
• Service providers

To join us as a partner, contact Ashley Heffernan at Ashley@TriCountyCradleToCareer.org or 910-465-7864.

Join the Movement

Contact Ashley Heffernan at Ashley@TriCountyCradleToCareer.org
or 910-465-7864.